ACFJ Politics Wednesday 9-19

Romney Tells Truth, Sets Up Clash Over Govt – Michael Goodwin, NY Post
The 53 Percenters Are Moochers, Too – Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
We Have a Dependency Society – Rick Santelli, CNBC
Let Them Eat Crab Cake – Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Obama Remains a Slight Favorite – Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
World Turns Against the Man of the World – Noemie Emery, DC Examiner
Arab World Needs to Look in the Mirror – Thomas Friedman, NY Times
It’s the First Amendment for a Reason – Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Egypt Is Looking More Like Post-1979 Iran – Michael Totten, World Affairs
Can the Romney Campaign Overcome Mitt? – Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Romney Goes Back to Bold Approach – Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
What’s Wrong With Romney the Candidate – Gloria Borger, CNN
The Meltdown of the Mainstream Media – Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The Voter Fraud Con – Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
Michelle Obama Tries to Reignite Dem Passion – Erin McPike, RCP
Ryan Would Shrink Medicare’s Doctor Pool – Peter Orszag, Bloomberg
Emerging ObamaCare Truth Is Disarray – Scott Gottlieb, RealClearMarkets
Today’s Polls: AP/GfK: Obama 47, Romney 46 | CBS/NYT: CO, VA, WI


Mitt Romney’s Shocking, Harsh Words – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Romney’s Spot-On Point About the Growth of Gov’t – New York Post
Mitt Romney, Class Warrior – New York Times
Bring on the Charter Schools – Chicago Tribune

More ACFJ News

Technology: Scandal Erupts at Wikipedia – Violet Blue, CNET
Energy: Let States Oversee the Energy Revolution – Nicolas Loris, Heritage
History: Khrushchev Goes to Hollywood – Peter Carlson, Smithsonian
Sports: Triple Crown Within Cabrera’s Reach – John Niyo, Detroit News

ACFJ News Tuesday 9-18

Radical Islam: Burning With False Rage – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Newsweek
A Movie Is Not to Blame for Attacks on U.S. – Margaret Wente, Globe & Mail
What Romney Really Thinks of Obama Voters – David Corn, Mother Jones
4th Estate, Still Thrilling to the Spirit of ’08 – Dorothy Rabinowitz, WSJ
Obama Camp Pounces on Romney Video – Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
Mitt Trashes 47% That Don’t Pay Income Taxes – Jonathan Capehart, WP
Romney Should Embrace Debate on Taxes & the 47% – John Nolte, Big Gov
Not Too Early to Declare Romney Candidacy Dead – Timothy Noah, TNR
Meet the Real — Conservative — Mitt Romney – McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed
The Great Tax Divide Between Dems & Republicans – Thomas Sowell, IBD
Romney Oversees Campaign in Disarray – Steve Benen, MSNBC
The Truth About America’s Superior Medical System – Scott Atlas, Forbes
Standing Up For Teachers – Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Sandra Fluke & the Democrats’ Fake Freedoms – Jacob Sullum, Reason
Pelosi: ‘Everybody Knows’ Romney Is Going to Lose – Jen Bendery, Huff Post
Taft’s 1912 Loss Proved to Be High Court’s Gain – Claude Marx, RCP
How MacArthur Shaped Post-War Japan – Stan Weintraub, Military History
Is This the End of Mitt Romney? – Alex Koppelman, The New Yorker
OMG, You Guys, It’s All Over! – Jim Treacher, The Daily Caller
Romney’s Class Warfare – Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
Voters, Like Romney, Want Smaller Gov’t – Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post
The Real Romney Is a Sneering Plutocrat – Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Thurston Howell Romney – David Brooks, New York Times
Julia Nods Her Head – Bryan Preston, PJ Media
Romney’s Bad Week Just Got Worse – Joe Klein, Time
Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators – Erick Erickson, RedState
Who’s Running Libya? – Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
The Real Secret: President Obama Has Failed – Nick Gillespie, Reason

Transcripts & Speeches

Obama’s Remarks at the AFL-CIO Convention – Barack Obama
Analysts on the State of the Romney Campaign – The NewsHour
Iowa Journalists on the Presidential Race – Special Report w/Bret Baier
Interview with Representative Mike Rogers (MI) – Erin Burnett Outfront
Interview with Reps. Peter King and Louie Gohmert – Hannity

Top Blogs

Not Paying Income Tax Helps Poor Get Off Welfare – Suzy Khimm, WonkBlog
The GOP’s Entitlement Perception – Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot
Dependence on Gov’t Up Four Years in a Row – Patrick Tyrrell, The Foundry
Republicans For Tax Increases! – Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
Conservatives Agree: Romney Is Wrong – Michael Warren, The Blog

ACFJ Markets

The Great Investing Dilemma: ‘Always Late to the Party’ – Jeff Cox, CNBC
You Can Bet On This Rally, But Don’t Go All In – Jim Jubak, MSN Money
The Opportunity Of A Lifetime: Buy A House – Michael Sivy, TIME
Robert Shiller Still Cautious On Housing – Matthew Zeitlin, The Daily Beast
Big US Manufacturing Slowdown? It’s Here – Matthew Philips, BusinessWeek

ACFJ World

How Netanyahu Killed the Israel Lobby – David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
China Sneezes – Will World Catch Cold? – Vikram Mansharamani, Yale
How Americans See China – Richard Wike & Bruce Stokes, CNN
Outrage over Islands Full of Goats Is Crazy – William Pesek, Bloomberg
Taliban Shifts Focus in Afghanistan – Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Wash Post

ACFJ Religion

We Still Don’t Have a School Prayer – George Bullard, Assoc. Baptist Press
How Harvard Found Jesus’s Wife – Ariel Sabar, Smithsonian Magazine
Submission Is Being Redefined – David Heim, Christian Century
Make Some Noise in Synagogue! – Arnold Eisen, Tablet Magazine
California Bars Westboro Baptist Church – Chris Megerian, LA Times

ACFJ Science

First Ever Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy – Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery
Dictionary Translates Ancient Egyptian Language – John Wilford, NYT
Can DNA Clock Reconcile Genetics, Archaeology? – Ewen Callaway, Nature
State of Science Writing in 2012 – Seth Mnookin, PLoS Blogs
Imaginative ‘Peaceful’ Ways to Use Leftover Nukes – Skulls in the Stars

ACFJ Energy

Let States Oversee the Energy Revolution – Nicolas Loris, Heritage
U.S. Energy Plan Must Begin & End in Alaska – Don Young, Human Events
Does Romney Support Carbon Pricing? – Michael Moyer, Sci. American
Tech Unleashes Black Gold Saving Ireland’s Economy – Mark Mills, Forbes
The Pros and Cons of Using Strategic Oil – Michael Levi, Houston Chronicle

ACFJ Sports

Triple Crown Within Cabrera’s Reach – John Niyo, Detroit News
NFL’s Return to L.A. in Jeopardy? – Scott Reid, Orange County Register
Rich Rod Off to Hot Start in the Desert – George Schroeder, USA Today
FedEx Cup Delivers Enticing Storylines – Ron Sirak, Golf Digest
Best Way to Fix MLB Playoffs? Un-Alignment – Tim Reuter, RealClearSports